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Forest Trees

Tree Surgery in Edinburgh.

Contact Garden People Ltd for all your tree surgery needs, we are fully qualified and insured arborists. 

Tree Surgeons in Edinburgh

Expert tree surgery and applications to the local authority when working with protected trees are part of our service.

Garden People Ltd will handle your tree needs with a personal touch. Our skilled arborists provide professional tree surgery services, from precise pruning to overall tree care. We understand the unique needs of each tree, ensuring a tailored approach for optimal health. With a commitment to preserving nature, we go beyond the basics. Trust Garden People Ltd for friendly and efficient tree care that makes a real difference. 

We also offer gardening services and landscaping services

Trees and bushes around sunny house exterior and driveway
Tree Health & Disease Survey

Our tree health survey ensures your trees are safe and healthy. Our tree survey services include identifying trees, measuring their girth and height, examining the trunk, branches and leaves for signs of poor health and recording any infestations of pests or diseases. 

To prolong the health of your trees we can offer you tips and advice on how to restore the health of your trees. 

Tree Felling

Tree felling is the process of cutting down trees. If you have a tree in your garden or property that you would like removed, contact the professionals at Garden People Ltd who are fully equipped to handle any tree, any size. 

Pruning & Shaping

Our tree pruning and shaping services will maintain and help restore the health of your trees as well as ensuring they look great. Depending on your tree needs we can offer services including crown thinning, raising, reduction, and shaping.

Stump Removal

Our expert stump removal services are designed to eliminate the stump of a tree that has been cut down. We follow all industry-standard practices and perform the required survey to pinpoint and avoid any underground utilities if needed during the removal process. 

Professional Lumberjack Cutting a big Tree in the Forest

Contact Garden People Ltd for expert tree surgery services on
0131 551 3151

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